10 Apartment Stomach Life Hacks!|How To Obtain A Flat Belly|Eat Your Way To An Apartment Tummy!

Today, I'm going to be showing you some really enjoyable and also intriguing level tummy life hacks! These are a lot different from the traditional methods to loosened weight in your abdominal area!

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Exactly how I Got An Apartment Belly Eating UNLIMITED Food!

Before & After My Chubby Belly & Flat Stomach!

The best ways to Keep A Flat Stomach!

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  1. I take this as offensive. People starve themselves so they look skinnier
    and breland just eats and eats through this video

  2. hi I’m about to turn 12, yeah ik I’m young, I don’t think I’m pretty. I
    want to lose weight even though people say I’m skinny, tbh I think I’m fine
    but it’s just my belly fat. I want to go on a diet but my mum will find out
    she says I’m too young to go on a diet but I’m really insecure sooo help me

  3. It is actually worse to look at pictures of thin girls it will actually
    make you more insecure and cause anorexia

  4. The first sentence wasn’t that unsettling, but when I saw the other words
    in the title, I was just like 😱😬

  5. +Ciel Phantomhive xDD

    I wonder what everyone else will say if they knew…

    I cant even tell them anyway it’s too weird >~<

  6. girl please..bye i been done all that but i still have a pooch under my
    belly button and it wont go away

  7. Well…..I thought I could watch this video without having to unsubscribe
    because of the flipping ending..

  8. Poisoned Sherry She’s not fat shaming, she’s helping the people who want to
    lose weight and change the way they eat, and giving them ways to do that,
    if she was fat shaming she’d be calling people fat and being rude about it

  9. I’m not diabetic, but this video is so concerning. Insulin only helps I
    don’t know, KEEP EVERYONE ALIVE.

  10. yep I lost weight by eating at least one salad a day with this salad
    dressing which is just olive oil, apple cider vinegar, mustard(take out
    dont like it), lemon, pinch salt, pepper, pinch sugar and crushed garlic in
    a jar and shake. Keep it dressing for 3-4 days in fridge.

  11. Smiling Lama519 it’s anyone under 18 that shouldn’t be doing it it’s not
    just 8-18 it’s under 8 as well

  12. Nope, apple cider vinegar AND garcinia premium together, drink a cup a day
    and lose atleast 30 pounds a month.

  13. Poisoned Sherry 1/3 of the US population is obese, 2/3s are over weight. 2%
    of the US population has an eating disorder. Which seems like the bigger

  14. +Pure Blood, I would simply like to say that, I KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE!!!!!! I
    was anorexic, I threw up any time I ate and ate as little as possible, but
    I do not take offense to this video. These are healthier ways to lose the
    stomach fat. The blueberry cleanse was a tipping it a little because there
    are a lot of cleanses that are not good for you but still, she ids trying
    to give people another way. It may not be the best but it’s better than
    anorexia or bulimia. And she did specifically say to keep yourself
    motivated, but in the right way, and she gave you those ways in this video.

  15. Yandere Yoosung you have to eat more, and not all at once, but everyday eat
    a little more that you used to, but don’t get too into it, so then you’d
    want to become skinnier

  16. Bleach Cocktails I have some tips where you can diet but not diet. Belly
    fat is there because of the amount of sugar. Try to only eat 50g of sugar
    every day and that will help. Work out and do exercises. Cardio,fitness
    ect. You don’t have to drastically change your diet to be skinny

  17. Regina Marzullo Nothing is 100% effective. Her audience is mostly 10 year
    olds so telling them having sex helps you lose weight is probably a prob.

  18. +Angela Jung I was meaning that just because she said protection doesn’t
    mean that condoms are the only option to protecting yourself

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